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Multimasking: Your Tailored Skincare Solution

Your skin’s needs are always changing. It might be the change in seasons, a switch in commute, or stress caused by an impending family visit that’s causing it – but, regardless, you need to switch up your routine to suit! The quick-fix solution? Multimasking. It’s the ultimate solution to custom skincare and it’s way easier than it sounds! Read on to find out how to get started with three masks from Bobbi Brown



It’s time to get up close and personal with your complexion! In order to make your mask routine work for you you need to identify any complexion concerns. Maybe your T-zone has been a little oilier than normal or your cheeks are feeling dry? Perhaps you’re suffering from breakouts on your chin or your overall complexion is looking a little dull? Whatever it is, there’s a mask that’ll fix it!


Bobbi Brown have a trio of masks that are designed to target an array of skincare issues. So, once you’ve identified your areas of concern, you can work out which mask you need to apply where! For instance, my T-zone is prone to shininess and I am currently battling an enormous breakout on my chin. The solution? Bobbi Brown’s Instant Detox Mask. It contains Amazonian white clay and Hawaiian seawater to pull toxins and excess oil from your pores without drying out the skin. The rest of my skin tends to suffer from looking a little dull and drab so applying the Bobbi Brown Radiance Boost Mask beneath my eyes and on my cheeks will help to brighten things up! It contains superfine walnut grains, energising orange oil, and moisturising algae extract to refresh and rejuvenate. Finally, the sides of my face and jawline can be left a little tight after cleansing so I’ve applied the Bobbi Brown Skin Nourish Mask there to quench dryness with a hydrating blend of coral grass and green algae.


Now that you’ve decided which masks need to be applied where, it’s time to apply them! I like to use my fingertips to apply to clean skin – just smooth a small amount directly onto the area that you’re targeting. Some of the Birchbox staffers like using a clean make-up brush to apply their masks, too. The best thing about the Bobbi Brown masks is that they all take the same amount of time to work their magic. Once you’ve applied them, just wait for between 2 – 5 minutes (they’re super fast!) and then rinse away. You’ll be left with your happiest complexion yet!