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Introducing Birchbox Benefits

Birchbox Benefits is your new Birchbox subscriber loyalty programme – and we’re delighted that you can now take advantage of it! In February, we sent a survey to all of our subscribers, asking what you wanted in terms of loyalty benefits. We’ve worked hard to incorporate your feedback, maximising those things important to you – while maintaining the sustainability of our business. We hope you’ll love what we’ve come up with.

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Psst… once you’ve been with us for 6 months or more you become a Birchbox VIP!

Why is the programme changing?

You tell us regularly that Birchbox Points just aren’t flexible enough for the way you shop – they have to be redeemed in units of 100 and expire after 6 months. Your new Birchbox Benefits can be used instantly. Now all of your benefits will remain active (or get better!) for the duration of your time as a Birchbox subscriber. Plus, they’re as simple to understand as they are to use.

So, what makes Birchbox Benefits awesome?

From the day you sign up as a subscriber, you receive 10% off the full-size version of all of the products featured in this month’s box. Your discount will be applied automatically at checkout when you’re logged in to your Birchbox account. We’ve also shortened your monthly surveys about your box and products. When you fill those in too, you’ll get free delivery on your next order at The Birchbox Shop.

When you hit six months with us – maybe you already have – you’ll be a Birchbox VIP! You’ll enjoy 15% off EVERYTHING at The Birchbox Shop, every time you shop with us. Your discount will be applied automatically at checkout when you’re logged in to your Birchbox account, making luxe gifts for friends a little more affordable, and that regular cleanser purchase a little more exciting!

What will happen to my Birchbox Points?

Don’t worry, they won’t disappear overnight. Any existing points that you have in your account will – as usual – expire 6 months after the date that they were earned. So, you still have time to spend any active points. Plus, they can be combined with the new discounts too!

You were able to earn points in all the usual ways – by shopping with us, referring a friend, or completing your monthly box surveys – until midnight on Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017. As always, points can only be spent in increments of 100, so we wanted to give you some time to top up your balance if you didn’t have enough to spend.

Any more questions?

We loved incorporating your feedback into your new Birchbox Benefits, launching for all our subscribers on Wednesday, May 3rd. We’ve worked hard to maximise those things important to you, while maintaining the sustainability of our business – and we hope you love the programme. We know there’s a LOT of new information to take in, so if you have any more questions then we’ve got more details for you right here.

– Team Birchbox xo