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Inner Me: Supplement Your Beauty From Within

Your lifestyle and environment have a huge effect on how you feel and look – it’s no coincidence that you receive compliments and look great when you’re at your happiest. Nikki Cooper – founder of Inner Me – champions this belief, read her story and find out why we love her approach:

Inner Me | Nikki Cooper

Nikki Cooper was a lawyer, self-confessed fitness fanatic and dancing queen. Then, at the age of 28, she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Refusing to let her MS get the better of her, she researched the ins and outs of diet, exercise and traditional and alternative medicine.

Nikki began to take supplements for her condition and noticed unexpected results – the increase of fish oils, vitamins and minerals not only boosted her energy levels, but her skin was enviably dewy and her hair thick and glossy. After collecting an array of supplements, she found herself confused by the varying prices that had little to do with their quality, not to mention cumbersome plastic bottle scattered around the house. And so, Inner Me was born.

Taking the issue into her own hands, Nikki spent the next two years collaborating with nutritionist and pharmacists researching the best ingredients to offer the whole package – health, beauty and wellbeing.

Beautify Me Vitamin Complex is a clever mix of powerful ingredients, including vitamin C, MSM and marine collagen to enhance skin, hair and nails.

Lustrous Locks is dedicated to giving you your best hair. MSM, iron and antioxidants protect roots and feed follicles with fortifying nutrients for Rapunzel-esque hair.

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– Grace