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GIF How To: Nail Rock’s Textured Manicure Sets

Is there any better time of year to embrace nail art? Bring on the festive-fuelled glitter! Birchbox staffer and nail art-novice, Jess, is a classic two coats of nude or red kinda girl but she loved the simple process of these fun Nail Rock sets. SPOILER ALERT! All of our subscribers will get the chance to try these in their December Birchboxes. These GIFs show you how to achieve these textures:

gif-red (1)

Nail Rock Nail Glitter in Red

I’m not nail art crazy all year round, but these gorgeous easy-to-use sets totally appeal to me in the run up to Christmas. Some of my Birchbox colleagues texture all five nails, but – as you can see! – I’m a fan of the ring finger accent nail. The technique is pretty similar for all textures, whether it be the Velvet, Glitter, Caviar or Sequin. You can see the finished look from the images, so follow along with this step-by-step guide:

  1. Gently push your cuticles down with cuticle pusher.
  2. Paint your nails with two coats of the polish.
  3. While your nail’s still wet, gently press your accent nail(s) into the texture pot, so there’s enough time for the polish to pick it up. (If using the Nail Caviar, press the beads firmly onto the nail after dipping to secure in place and an create even surface.)
  4. Allow 15-20 minutes for the nails to dry  – time for that quick glass of mulled wine.
  5. Gently tap your nails to ensure they’re dry and if they are, brush off the excess with a fluffy brush.
  6. Voilà! You’re good to go…

You can remove the polish and texture with your regular nail polish remover and remember – have fun! Play around with polishes and textures that match your mood and outfit. I’ll be rocking the festive glittery red (above) on Christmas day.

gif-velvet (1)

Nail Rock Nail Velvet in Navy

gif-sparkles (1)

Nail Rock Nail Sequin in Green

Nail art isn’t just for Christmas, check out all the fab designs from Nail Rock in our e-shop!

– Jess

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  • Faye

    Love the glitter and the velvet one!

  • Beverley Pagett

    I would love any of these and my box has now been posted. Can’t wait.

  • Sam

    Loving the purple velvet. Surprisingly easy to apply. Hope it lasts for a while!

  • Melinda

    This was the BEST ever Birchbox !!!! Keep sending the great stuff !!