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Fragrance Layering: The Secret To Long-Lasting Scent

Sillage. Described by the Oxford Dictionary as ‘the degree to which a perfume’s fragrance lingers in the air when worn’, it’s that delicious trail of fragrance that some lucky people seem to naturally leave in their wake. But, how do you achieve it? If you often spritz your perfume on first thing, only to have it fade away come lunchtime, then it’s time to try fragrance layering – three simple steps to smelling great, all day long.



If you usually like to go back to basics with your morning shower, opting for simple, fragrance-free, products then think again. This is the perfect opportunity to get your skin smelling incredible. The NUXE Prodigieux® Shower Oil is infused with NUXE’s Huile Prodigieuse® scent – a delicate blend of orange blossom, magnolia, and vanilla. Great for all skin types, thanks to gentle sweet almond oil, it gently cleanses your skin and leaves behind a satin finish with a lingering fragrance.


Now that you’re squeaky clean, it’s time lock in moisture and that delicate scent. NUXE Huile Prodigieuse®, the product that started it all for the brand, is a blend of six different essential oils that deeply hydrate skin and – and smell incredible. Borage, camellia, sweet almond, hazelnut, St John’s Wort, and macadamia harness natural plant power to heal dry patches and leave behind a velvety sheen. Spray generously onto arms and legs and smooth in, then run the excess through the ends of your hair to help with that lingering scent.


Finally, onto the fragrance itself! The final step is a few spritzes of the NUXE Prodigieux® Le Parfum. Blending notes of orange blossom, magnolia, and vanilla, this musky-yet-feminine scent is elegant. To help it last all day long, apply it behind your ears, at the bottom of your neck, onto your wrists, and inside your elbows! If you’re in doubt, then the pulse points on your body where your heart rate can be felt, are the best spots to spritz – as the warmth of your blood will help to activate the scent.