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Eye Love Mascara

It’s no secret that I love mascara. It’s my favourite product type. My desert island product. The one thing I can’t be without. The one thing I need to apply each morning over and beyond anything else to feel like I look myself. So imagine my delight when Eyeko asked me to be a Mascara Editor. A. Mascara. Editor. DREAMS! So what does that entail? An edit of my top three products – including my favourite mascaras – for me to share with you all. Here’s what’s in there…


Skinny Brush Mascara
Don’t be fooled by the name. This mascara gives you mega lashes and I love it because it lengthens and separates all at the same time. I have long, fine lashes that tend to clump if I use too big a brush, so this is the perfect first step…

Lash Alert Mascara
…. because one mascara is never enough. I have always, always layered up my mascaras and will use two in the morning when getting ready for a bespoke look. It’s just my thing. This non-smudging, curling, thickening, strengthening wonder is the best new mascara I have tried in a while and it’s the perfect second layer for really amped-up lashes.

Skinny Liquid Eye Liner
My make-up trademark is a mini little flick of eyeliner in the outer corners of the eyes. It takes two seconds in the morning and this liner has such a precise nib, it’s ideal. For evenings I will go back to and build up on top of what I have there already to create more of a statement feline flick.

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