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How To: Easy At-Home Blow Dry

Achieving the bounciest of blow dry’s has never been easier thanks to Pro Blo Group – a brand that’s just landed at The Birchbox Shop. Founded in 2014, their revolutionary styling brushes have been providing celebs and bloggers with a foolproof ‘do ever since. Here’s our step-by-step for getting the look in the comfort of your own home…

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After shampooing, apply a hydrating hair mask to strengthen and lock-in moisture for the perfect blow dry base. Pro Blo Group’s hydrating hair mask smooths and seals the hair’s cuticle to minimise frizz for a satin finish. Top tip! Finish with a cold blast of water to close the shaft of the hair for added shine. Then towel-dry your hair thoroughly before you get ready for heat styling.

Rough dry your hair until it’s approximately 80% dry. Even at this stage, the most important thing is to not blow air against the hair. Otherwise, the heat opens the cuticle and makes it fuzzy! Always have the dryer blowing down and smoothing the hair, even when you’re going for volume. Then, section your strands and attach your chosen Pro Blo Barrel to the brush handle.

Begin blow drying by pulling the brush through your hair from roots to ends. Once it’s dry, wrap the dried section of hair around the barrel – rolling it up towards your head. Use the provided clips to hold the barrel in place and press the button to release the handle. Pop a new Pro Blo Barrel to the brush handle and repeat the process around your whole head.

Leave the barrels in place to cool – we’d recommend doing your make-up now so they’ve got some time to set. Once cool, unroll the barrels slowly from your hair and run your fingers through your strands to loosen the lock. Add a spritz of hairspray to keep that volume in place for the rest of the day!

Discover more barrel sizes and styling solutions from Pro Blo Group at The Birchbox Shop.