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Daytripping & Mini-Breaks: America vs. Brits

Summer’s here and a few members of our team have been spending time daytripping and on mini-breaks – which led us to realise that Brits and Americans differ on a few things. While our British Senior Editorial Exec Mica prefers to take things easy on her holidays, our American Managing Director Savannah did Bath, Devon, Cornwall, and Dorset in FOUR DAYS. So, what do they suggest YOU do? Read on to find out their tips!



1. Never underestimate the beauty of the UK! Us Brits can be guilty of overlooking closer-to-home holiday spots in favour of more exotic climes. But Brighton, Cambridge, and Whitstable are just some of the towns that I love to venture to when I have 24 hours spare. Last summer, I saw Plymouth, the Lake District, Glasgow and Edinburgh to escape London!

2. Check out the local pub. If there’s one thing that the UK gets right when it comes to daytripping – it’s our abundance of amazing pubs! From upmarket bistro delights with gastro menus to cosy village hideaways with roaring fires, there aren’t many places where there isn’t one close by, and it’s the perfect place to really get a feel for the local vibe.

3. Don’t try to do everything at once! As someone who road-tripped from London to the Lake District to Glasgow, and back again in just 4 days – it doesn’t feel that small when you’re in a car for 8 hours! Choose a base and then see what you can explore. Drive to the beautiful Loch Lomond and Bothwell Castle from Glasgow within an hour, and then spend the evening in the city soaking up the hustle-and-bustle.

4. Pack light! A super-heavy backpack is a no-go on a day trip. My day trip kit? A brolly (because it’s the UK and it will probably rain), sunglasses (a heatwave happens every time I forget mine), plasters (to prevent day-ruining blisters), SPF (whatever the weather), a tinted lip balm that doubles as blush, and a bottle of water.

5. If all else fails, be a tourist in your own town! If you’re not up to hopping on a train to adventure in a new city or your budget just doesn’t allow for it at the moment, then explore your home town instead! As a Londoner, I’m spoilt with tons of free museums, galleries, and Royal parks just a bus ride away – yet I rarely take advantage of all the great things on offer. Check out your local library or town hall where you’re bound to stumble across loads of informations on free festivals, events, and attractions that you might not even be aware of!


1. Don’t limit yourself. Don’t be deterred by your British colleagues thinking you’re crazy to road trip from London to Bath, then through Devon, Cornwall, and Dorset in a 4-day Easter weekend – it’s possible!

2. Check your route before hiring a car. Don’t be lured into upgrading your rental car from anything but the smallest possible model – anything bigger simply won’t fit on those countryside roads!

3. Try the local customs and choose your side! Do experiment and then develop a strong preference for jam or cream first when enjoying a cream tea.

4. Use your legs. Ditch the car and take your time exploring pedestrian-only villages, such as Clovelly with its steep pedestrianised cobbled main street (editor’s note: she means high street), donkeys and views over the Bristol Channel. Even if it’s raining – that’s the British way! Do take selfies in front of amazing viewpoints and stunning landscapes such as Durdle Door – a highlight of my trip.

5. A castle a day keeps the doctor away! See at least one castle a day – surprisingly not a hard feat given the amazing historic sites throughout the UK! We saw Dunster Castle, Tintagel Castle, and Corfe Castle.