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Your Brow Pencil Lowdown: Shape And Fill In 3 Easy Steps

Brows can be a game-changer when it comes to your beauty routine. Where once mascara was everyone’s desert island must-have, we’re now finding that we can’t be parted from our brow pencil. Which is why, in every June Birchbag, you’ll find a FULL-SIZE MeechNMia Brow Liner! It’s great for defining, filling, and shaping your brows in a flash – and it couldn’t be easier to use…




To keep your brows looking natural, use super-light short strokes. (You can always go back after to add more product!) Start at the front of your brows and use an upward flicking motion to mimic individual hairs. This technique is great for filling in any sparse areas and will help your brows to look like, well, brows!



Once you’ve reached the arch of your brow you can start to use longer motions to fill in the tail of your brow. This is naturally where most people have more hairs so you can work on creating a more shaped brow. If you want to extend where your brow naturally ends just use short light strokes to elongate the appearance of your brow.



Now your brows are looking full, it’s time to add some definition! If you’re heading out after work, or just prefer a bolder look, then lightly use the pencil to line the edges of your brow. Focus on the arch to get that high definition affect.


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