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Birchbox Throwback: 3 Subscribers From The Very Beginning

Here at Birchbox UK, we like to think that we shout about how awesome our subscribers are every month. (Just check out all of our past Subscribers of the Month!) This month though, we’re doing things a little differently. In honour of a month that’s all about where we started, and how far we’ve come, we wanted to catch up with some of the subscribers who have been with us since the very beginning. The fabulous Emma-Louise, Mel, and Jay have all been with us since July 2011 (yes, really!) so we couldn’t wait to chat all things Birchbox with them…


What’s the ultimate beauty product discovery that you’ve received in a Birchbox?

Emma-Louise: Probably my pink egg foundation sponge. Love it! Or anything from Benefit. Every time I get a Benefit sample I squeal with joy. I couldn’t live without They’re Real! Mascara.

Mel: There have been sooo many great products over the years. I’ve bought multiple bottles of the KMS California Free Shape Spray as that it really does speed up drying hair. The Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle spray. At a brand level, I love the Balance Me products I’ve received and now buy their products regularly. I have sensitive skin, so getting chance to try new products before I commit to a large size is great.

Jay: I’m torn on this one. It’s between the Leonor Greyl hair oil (which I have repurchased repeatedly, and have on right now) and the Mirenesse Glossy Kiss which became my ‘go to’ summer colour. It was the only lippie I took with me backpacking for 6 months (along with the waterproof Birchbag you sent out a couple of years ago and which made sure my passport and lipstick stayed perfectly dry at all times).

What’s your favourite thing about Birchbox?

Emma-Louise: Getting lots of different make-up goodies each month. Some I would never have thought to purchase.

Mel: It’s like a friend going to the shop and buying things for you. The beauty profile means you don’t get any completely unsuitable products, but it does push you into trying new brands and products.

Jay: I love being able to try new products without the huge outlay, especially for skincare as it’s the type of product you need to be able to try for at least a week before deciding on buying full-size. I’d prefer actually to get more skincare (especially serums and masks) than certain make-up items like eyeliner or lip balms, which I rarely use as I have my holy grail products already.

What’s the best tip that you’ve learned through Birchbox?

Emma-Louise: I really liked the smokey eye tutorial you had online recently! The brush we got this month is so soft!

Mel: I’ve still got this smokey eye how-to bookmarked years later! It’s one of the best ones as it’s practically idiot proof, with clear photographs and step by step. I like the lifestyle tips (recipes and workouts) as well.

Jay: I don’t know if this counts as a tip, but your boxes are so beautiful that I have never thrown them out! The new style, with a front drawer, has become my new storage system for my make-up and are a feature themselves in my bedroom.

Thank you to all three lovely ladies for their fabulous answers – and for being with us through the full Birchbox journey so far! Not a subscriber yet? Get your first box today! (Trust us, it’s a goodie.)