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Beauty Innovations: the JolieBox Shortlist / /

The latest beauty trends are not the only things to look out for: at JolieBox, we’ve grown fascinated with the latest beauty innovations and are always excited to try them out. We have been researching the very best products on end, and have found some that will amaze you and that work. From the most affordable to the more luxurious, from the quirkiest to the smartest, here is a run through the hottest beauty products and gadgets. Try these products for yourself, for a perfect session of beauty pampering…

1. The Magic Mirror: with technological advances sweeping through the beauty industry, comes a smart makeover mirror introduced by Japanese makeup brand Shiseido. Gone are the days spent endlessly testing looks and, ultimately, wasting money on products that do not suit us. With this gadget, you can determine the looks and products that best fit your cheeks, eyes and lips, simply by pressing a few buttons. With over 100 products to experiment with, Shiseido’s mirror facilitates the makeover process as well as the hunt for your ideal makeup. Be sure to try a daring new look with this mirror when you next pop over to Selfridges in London.

2. Chameleon foundation: we just love innovations that facilitate our quest for the perfect products, and were ecstatic to discover a foundation which adapts to all skin tones. Makeup brand Josie Maran introduced the Argan Matchmaker Serum Foundation, approx £26.00, which nourishes skin and evens out all skin tones. We are drawn to this product as is vegan, cruelty-free and filled with rich organic ingredients. When innovation and high quality work so well together, who can possibly resist?

3. Going up in steam: every once in a while, brands surprise the world of beauty with unique and original concepts. Steam Cream, which has gained much attention over the past year, is one of those brands. Designed to break down when in contact with skin, the brand’s anti-ageing cream works like a charm: its ingredients fully penetrate the skin, leaving the latter refreshed, moisturized and lightly scented. The cream, priced at £10.50, is easy to pop into your purse and is packaged in the cutest little eco-friendly tins we’ve seen.

4. Effortless hair removal: summer may be drifting away but smooth, hair-free legs are a year-round desire for most women. From painful waxing to wallet-emptying salon treatments, we have tried it all. We are therefore happy that beauty brand Silk’n has released a revolutionary hair removal product, the Silk’n SensEpil. Priced at £250.00, it may not seem like the cheapest solution to hair removal. Yet, its benefits are amazing: it is safe, painless and quick to use. Best of all, its Home Pulse Light (HPL) Technology also enables it to permanently remove hair over time.

Which beauty innovations are you eager to try?