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Welcome the new season by pairing your new wardrobe with an entirely new scent. Many new fragrances will be hitting the shelves this fall, so we have narrowed down a few of our personal favourites for your pleasure. We have fallen head over heels for the natural trend, from woodsy scents to warm florals, which will carry the spirit of summer into winter and keep you warm throughout. Read on and be inspired…

1. Opt for oud: infinitely luxurious, this mature and powerful note just screams of sophistication. If you are feeling daring and ready to experiment, oud is the way to go. CREED‘s Royal-Oud, £175.00, is a fantastic, high quality fragrance designed for both men and women. Although above many of our budgets, it is a scent any perfume lover will enjoy wearing and will leave you feeling rich and pampered.

2. Warm yourself up with musk: Skin by perfume brand CLEAN, approx £43.00, is a far from overpowering eau de parfum, which is one reason why we love it. This scent is perfect if you are looking for a light yet seductive fragrance for the fall. With its combination of florals and delicate musky notes, you will smell refreshed all day long. This must-try product is at the top of our wishlists.

3. Reinvent your florals: Elie Saab combined orange blossom, jasmine, patchouli and cedar to form a delicious new fragrance: Le Parfum, £38.00. This solar scent is a more mature take on the flirty citrus and floral scents we discovered over the summer. Feminine and fresh yet strong and woody, it is ideal for women who want to transition into autumn in style.

4. Explore the Orient: Indochine by Parfumerie Générale (to be released this month), is an exotic scent imagined by Pierre Guillaume. Inspired from the beauty of Indochina, it is a mixture of Laotian honey, benzoin resinoid from Siam and Burmese tanakha, a traditional woodpaste. Close your eyes and you will be transported across the world with this wondrous concoction. This fragrance is a unique and original alternative to the ones we are more familiar with, so try it if you are in the mood for something new…

Which fragrances will you be wearing this fall?