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7 Rainy Day Films To Help You Explore The Great Outdoors – From Your Sofa!

This month, we’re truly trying to embrace the great outdoors – but the current weather forecast isn’t exactly on our side. So this week, instead of exploring in real life, how about appreciating it from the comfort of your sofa – or even bed? These films show off the some of the world’s (real and animated!) most stunning natural scenery:


MOONRISE KINGDOM: You can always rely on Wes Anderson to create feasts for the eyes. This 2012 movie follows tweens Suzy and Sam, as they run away together on a great outdoor adventure. It was filmed in New England on Rhode Island – which isn’t that dissimilar to the green landscapes of sunny Blighty. Suzy and Sam hike, camp and fish together all in the name of young love!

STAND BY ME: Did this film inspire you to go in to the great outdoors as a youth? Ok, so it doesn’t exactly all go smoothly, but isn’t that part of the adventure of the film? Perfect for when you’re feeling nostalgic.

UP!: We all wish we could tie balloons to our house and fly off somewhere else, especially when the weather forecast is this depressing. This family favourite starts off sad, but stay with it and you’ll soon fall for it’s charms. The backdrop of Paradise Falls, the talking dogs and Wilderness Explorer Russell’s enthusiasm make this a great rainy day pick-me-up.

THE BEACH: Leonardo DiCaprio’s performance in this movie is reason enough to watch – or even rewatch it. Set on the gorgeous beach of Maya bay in Ko Phi Phi Lee, the film explores the idea of living in paradise as part of a small community and the challenges they face in maintaining their seemingly idyllic lifestyle. Beautiful Thai locations are captured throughout the film, giving us serious beach envy.

TROPIC THUNDER: This film doesn’t exactly celebrate the great outdoors but it is pretty much entirely set in the forest and was filmed on the Hawaiian island of Kauai. The action comedy was co-written, co-produced, directed by and co-starred Ben Stiller along with other iconic Hollywood actors Tom Cruise, Robert Downey Jr and Jack Black. Remember to watch the credits at the end for some classic Cruise!


LORD OF THE RINGS: The original trilogy and The Hobbit films have done great things for New Zealand’s tourism industry with the original three reportedly generating $NZ33 million for the economy! It’s not hard to see why when you see the incredible locations it was shot in.

THE LION KING: An animation, yes but based on very real locations mainly situated in Kenya. Watch young Simba grow up and attempt to fight his role within the circle of life. Try to watch without singing along – pretty much impossible! Hakuna Matata is already our ear worm of the day.

– Laura

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