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7 Movies & TV Shows To Make You Smile

Need something to cheer you up? We get it. Any month that houses the dreaded ‘Blue Monday’ (aka the most depressing day of the year) is just crying out for some light-hearted entertainment to restore faith that you can smile through dark, cold, dreary days. So here are just a few of the movies and TV shows that Team Birchbox turn to when we need to SMILE.

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Parks & Recreation

Oh, the joys. Leslie Knope and her unfailing optimism. Ron Swanson and his unfailing grumpiness. Plus, the amazing Chris Pratt, Aziz Ansari, Rob Lowe, Aubrey Plaza and Rashida Jones. If you haven’t watched this show yet, treat yourself!

Sing Street

A highly recommended recent release that’s chock-full of music and now available on Netflix for the perfect night in on the sofa.

Notting Hill

What a classic. Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant star in this London-set romcom, with amazing comic support from Rhys Ifans.

Horrible Histories

Okay, okay. We know this is left field (and for kids), but hear us out. Not only is it funny and educational – with stars from so many Brit TV shows showing up – it makes you realise a lot of people have (and have had) it worse.

That film or TV show from your younger days that you LOVED

For me, that’s Empire Records – which made me dream of working in a record store and marrying Johnny Whitworth. Or TV-wise, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Gilmore Girls or The OC – sunshine and Seth Cohen, what more do you need? For our Senior Content Exec, Mica, it’s Big – while Marketing Director Janis and Creative Exec Naomi share 13 Going 30 as a firm fave.


Funny, uplifting and charming – plus, you get to see how little Paul Rudd has aged since the ’90s. Impressive work.


We’ve seen all the episodes so many times, we know the jokes inside out, but it’s SO comforting. Basically a hug in a TV show – the perfect series when you’re feeling blue.

That’s not even mentioning the likes of 30 RockMaster Of NoneCheersBrooklyn 99La La Land, How I Met Your Mother, The Princess Diaries and so many more we brought up while discussing this feature – so we would LOVE you to comment below with your favourites!

– Beth