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6 Must-Know Beauty Facts To WOW Your Friends

Inspired by our fun Facebook fact about the origins of mascara last month, we thought we’d compile some more things to know. You never know the next time you’ll be thrown into a beauty-themed pop quiz, right? Long-lasting lipsticks, edible beauty ingredients and which hair type boast the most strands:


Vanity Kitchen

People have been playing, “kitchen beautician” since the Middle Ages – curdled milk (think; a modern day lactic acid) was applied to acne, cucumber juice lightened freckles, while boiled nettles produced a smooth, even complexion. Women even attempted to remove wrinkles with the help of ointments made of wax and almond oil, or crocodile fat. Lovely.

(Too) Long-Lasting Stain

In Renaissance Italy, women created the ultimate red lip and cheek stain by mixing cochineal, sandalwood or cinnabar with wax or grease. The application process was complex, but the red colour lasted for over a week, even if she washed her face every day. Now, that’s what we call super long lasting! For one that (just) lasts a day, check out theBalm’s Stainiac.

The Power Of Make-Up

A 1991 study showed that female politicians who employed Hollywood make-up artists and photographers were 30% more likely to win elections, simply by grooming her eyebrows, wearing certain coloured blouses and smiling. Say cheese!

Blondes Have More… Hair

We all know the saying that blondes have more fun, but did you know that blondes (natural ones, that is) have more hair? On average they have over 140,000 hairs compared to brunettes who have 110,000, people with black hair have about 108,000 and redheads have about 80,000.

The First Self-Tan

The first self-tanner was invented in the ‘50s with the name Man-Tan. DHA – an ingredient derived from sugar cane – was included to cause skin to change colour. It’s still used in today’s self-tanning products.

High-Tech Cleansing

We all know the Clarisonic was the first high-tech cleansing brush to be released (back in 2001), but did you know that it was developed by American scientists and NASA?  This cleansing brush for the face ensures a deeper and 6x more effective process than cleansing manually.

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– Grace

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