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5 Ways to Use Bioderma, France’s Best Skincare Export

For years, makeup artists, dermatologists, models, and basically every French woman ever has sworn by Bioderma Micellar Water, the cult-favourite cleansing water with superior makeup-removing powers. But there’s even more to love about Bioderma — here are five ways to maximise the superpowers of this hero elixir.

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Use it to Remove (and Correct!) Make-Up

Bioderma’s soap-free, hypoallergenic formula is the easiest, most gentle way to effectively remove layers of make-up — including foundation and waterproof mascara — without drying out your skin. Its formula is so gentle, in fact, that you can also use it around your eyes and on your lips to tweak your eyeliner or erase lipstick smudges. Pro tip: A cotton pad soaked in Bioderma can even remove too much perfume!

Use it as a Daily Cleanser

Unlike traditional cleansers that contain ingredients that strip your skin of its natural (read: healthy) oils, this micellar water is packed with soothing, decongesting ingredients that attach themselves to the bad stuff on your face (like dirt and pollution) and dissolve them away to leave behind a glowy, hydrated finish. Even better, the formula comes in three versions for various skin types: Bioderma® Sensibio H2O, as the name already suggests, is enriched with cucumber extract and recommended for sensitive, normal to dry skin types; Bioderma® Hydrabio H2O stimulates the skin’s ability to retain moisture and treat dehydrated skin; and Bioderma® Sébium H2O targets oily, spot-prone skin by regulating sebum secretion.

Use it as a Balancing Toner

Even if you’re too attached to give up your favourite cleanser, you may still want to consider sneaking Bioderma into your beauty routine. When used as a post-cleanse toner, Bioderma wipes away remaining traces of toxins and impurities from your skin and pores. With ingredients like manna sugar, rhamnose, and capric triglycerides (a compound that comes from coconut), it balances skin’s pH level and calms irritation.

Use it to Prime and Set Your Make-Up

Peek into any makeup artist’s bag and you will find Bioderma, which is used to prep models’ skin for flawless makeup application. To prime your own skin, apply a cotton pad soaked in Bioderma all over your face to smooth and plump the skin. After applying your make-up, you can also use Bioderma as a setting spray: add some product to a spray bottle and spritz it about 10 inches away from your face to avoid a powdery, cakey finish.

Use it as a Calming Face Mask

You can minimise redness, hydrate, and increase your skin’s natural barrier against external aggressors (like pollution, harsh weather, and makeup) by generously soaking tissues (or a thin wash cloth) with Bioderma and using them as a DIY sheet mask to cover your face. Leave the treatment on for ten minutes (while soaking in the tub, for example — the steam will help the product penetrate) and, voilà: enviably smooth skin.