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Our 5 Ultimate TV Dads

With Father’s Day fast approaching (it’s Sunday, 18th June FYI!) we thought it was the perfect opportunity to give a shout out to some of our favourite dads. The fictional ones, that is! Here’s our round-up of 5 of our ultimate TV father figures…



Well, of course, as a beauty company it makes total sense that our #1 TV dad boasts brows to rival Cara Delevingne herself. But Sandy is SO much more than great facial hair. Always there to lend an ear, Sandy is the kind of dad that’s brimming with meaningful advice, a witty quip, or some serious legal aid. Plus, he took Ryan under his wing and treated him like one of the Cohen’s own brood. Even when everybody else in The OC thought that he was a wrong’un. What a guy!


A classic TV alpha dad, Philip Banks ruled the roost as the ultimate patriarch in the Banks’ household. His hot temper resulted in hilarious confrontations between him and Will – we’re particular fans of his frequent throwing out of DJ Jazzy Jeff – but Uncle Phil is a teddy bear beneath the surface. Particularly when it comes to the ladies in his family. Hilary Banks totally had him (and his credit card!) wrapped around her little finger.


Before Bryan Cranston was cooking up crystal meth as less-than-squeaky-clean TV dad Walter White, he was starring as the wholesome Hal Wilkerson in Malcolm in The Middle. Yes, Hal might be the kind of dad who makes you want to hide under a rock with embarrassment by opening the front door in his Y-fronts but he only makes you cringe because he cares. He might not always succeed but lovable Hal was always doing his best for his family – and we reckon that counts for something!


A fairly new arrival in the world of TV dads, Ramesh plays the father of Dev in the hilarious Master of None. A totally conventional dad, Ramesh is all about family and those all-important traditions. We can totally relate to how he struggles to get to grips with technology in the 21st century. (Who out there hasn’t had to help their confused dad get to grips with a new phone or tablet?!) Plus, we’re huge fans of his blue steel poses during a family dinner. Bonus: the actor Shoutkath Ansari is actually the real-life Dad of Aziz Ansari. The cutest.


Okay, so old-school dad Jim Royle isn’t going to win any parenting awards any time soon. But he’ll definitely go down as one of the most iconic TV dads in our books! Yes, he farts. Yes, he swears. Yes, he’s never without the TB remote. But, let’s be honest, we can all relate to the family afternoons on the sofa that we saw on The Royle Family. He might not be the most exciting dad but, with Jim Royle, you always know exactly where you stand. Or sit.

Let us know who your favourite TV dads are in the comments below – we’d love to know! Or, if you’re looking for the ultimate Father’s Day gift for your real-life dad then check out our Birchbox Man Limited Edition Wash Bag.