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5 Things We Learnt From International Women’s Day

Thursday, 8th March was International Women’s Day and we had everything from sneak peeks into the lives of amazing women to a whole day of fabulous Facebook Lives with incredible guests. Here is our round-up of five top things we learnt from the day…


Yes, it’s true, no woman is an island. In fact, find an amazing woman and behind her you’ll find a whole host of other incredible females – from friends and family to colleagues and work wives! Whether it’s finding a great mentor to bounce work ideas off, just like Peanut’s CEO Michelle Kennedy, or keeping your mum on speed dial when you’re in need of some life advice, there’s nothing better than learning from the experiences and viewpoints of other fierce females.

Hands up if you’re the kind of person who gets bumped into on the street and ends up apologising, or starts an email saying sorry for disturbing the other person? There are a more than a few of us guilty of this at Birchbox HQ but, from today onwards, we’re pledging to scrap the sorries! Of course, just like Benefit’s Head Make-Up Artist Lisa Potter-Dixon mentioned, if you’ve made a mistake then own it. But if you haven’t, it’s time to give sorry a rest and get the response you really deserve.

We were so inspired by our chat with Clare and Rebecca, the founders and sisters behind Balance Me, who shared the story behind their beloved skincare brand. Starting life working in the corporate world, both women took a risk and left the comfort of their jobs behind to re-train as a yoga teacher and reflexologist respectively. They spent their spare time whipping up products on their kitchen table which eventually led to them being spotted by Topshop. The rest is history! Of course, it’s not always possible to quit your day job to follow your dreams but why not try using your lunch break to join a book club if you love reading or go to a gallery if you’re obsessed with art. Make time for what you love.

What unites all of the women that we spoke to over on Facebook and here on the blog yesterday? A healthy dose of self-belief and a whole lot of optimism. Yes, build a network of incredible women around you to lift you up but always trust your gut and know that you’ve got this!

Haven’t found a job that you love yet? Struggling to make friends in a new city? Sometimes it feels like everyone else has it figured out but, from the amazing women that we spent International Women’s Day with, we know that doesn’t matter! Sophie and Hannah from Spectrum Collections started their million pound business in their garage, Benefit‘s Lisa Potter-Dixon shaped her own role as Head Make-Up Artist at the brand (before it existed!), and Clare and Rebecca from Balance Me encouraged everyone to focus on their own dreams and ambitions during their Facebook Live with us. Basically, you do you!