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5 Small Ways To Step Outside Your Comfort Zone Everyday

“Do something that scares you everyday.” According to experts, that old proverb truly is good for the soul. It can help to increase productivity and creativity, minimise stress, and allow you to effortlessly handle unexpected challenges. Sounds like the dream, right? Doing something that scares you doesn’t mean you have to book a bungee jump or audition for The X Factor, though. Simply pushing yourself to step out of your comfort zone a little everyday is enough. Here are some of our favourite ideas…

Take up a new hobby

Now is the time to sign up to that class you’ve had your eye on! Be it pottery painting or pilates, boxing or ballroom dancing, there’s something for everyone out there. Some activities may even introduce you to new friends, while others allow for some much needed headspace – you can choose which suits you. Finding time for a new hobby is a great way to gently push yourself out of your comfort zone, as well as reaping the benefits of learning a new skill.

Find a new route to work

This may sound like a weird one, but something as simple as switching up your commute could change your whole day – honestly! Not only will it break you out of your routine but it’s a great way to explore. Take in your surroundings so that your brain is switched on even when you’re in transport mode. Who knows, you might even spot a cute boutique with a half-price sale, or the perfect new cafe for insta-worthy brunches!

Shake up your make-up

For a lot of us, our morning make-up routine is so deeply ingrained we could do it in the dark. Probably. This month is all about adventure, so why not take a risk with your look? We all know a bold lip or eye can totally transform you – but even smaller adjustments will do! Simply changing the order you apply your make-up, or substituting a beloved product with an unfamiliar one, is a step outside your comfort zone – and may open your eyes to new ideas. Get experimenting!

Switch up your lunch

Getting tired of the same sandwich from Pret everyday? Why not jump on the #mealprep bandwagon and give your lunches a bit of a makeover! With plenty of delicious and nutritious ideas and recipes online (we suggest having a look through Pinterest), you can expand your cooking repertoire, learn new skills, and feel great at the same time! Your lunch break has never looked better.

Take a social media detox

A break from your phone can be harder (and scarier!) than it sounds, but the benefits are huge. There’s no better way to jump right out of your comfort zone than to say goodbye to your favourite apps. We’re by no means suggesting throwing your phone in the nearest fountain, but switching off for a couple of hours a week – or even a whole day – can give you a newfound appreciation for what’s going on around you, living in the moment rather than living for the perfect Instagram. You may even find your whole daily routine changes without those hours spent scrolling!

We hope these suggestions show that any change in your routine, big or small, can have massive benefits. Get out of your comfort zone and say yes to adventure!

– Ruby McGuire