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5 Reasons To Love Coconut Oil

When it comes to multipurpose beauty, there’s one product that really does it all – coconut oil. Yes, you might have already tried it in the kitchen but Cocofina‘s Organic Coconut Oil really comes into its own when incorporated into your beauty routine. It’s versatile, travel-friendly (some of you might have received their handily packed sachets inside your July Birchbox), and can be used to solve a whole host of beauty dilemmas.  Here’s how to use it…

It Can Shrink Spots

Coconut’s antibacterial properties help rid the skin of the strain of bacteria that leads to acne, while its anti-inflammatory molecules calm red, swollen spots. Warm up a small amount of oil between clean fingers and applying it directly to problem areas before bed. Psst… did you know? Cocofina’s blend of 100% organic coconut oil is cold pressed, virgin, unrefined, and sourced from a very special species of coconuts so you can rest assured that you’re only applying the best to any irritated areas!

It Quenches Dry Skin

Packed with natural lipids, coconut oil helps replenish the moisture you lose to the cold, pollution, and ageing, softening even the most dehydrated skin. Cocofina actually extracts its coconut oil from the flesh of the coconut (one of the most nutritious parts) for an extra dose of goodness for your complexion! Apply it after you shower to slightly damp skin, focusing on rough elbows, chapped lips, patchy thighs, and cracked cuticles.

It Softens Brittle Hair

The same lipids that nourish skin can also restore moisture to parched strands. To treat dry hair, it’s simple to create a DIY coconut oil mask: after shampooing, take a dab of coconut oil and massage it into your wet hair from roots to tips, then wrap your hair with a towel. After an hour, rinse thoroughly and style as usual.

It Removes Pesky Eye Make-Up

Looking for a gentle way to take off your smudge-proof black liner? Coat a cotton pad with coconut oil to gently remove it and your stay-put mascara. Coconut oil is totally safe for the sensitive skin around the eye area and can even help prevent smile lines and crows feet thanks to its anti-inflammatory powers.

It Brightens Your Smile

Supercharge your oral health by giving oil pulling a go! It’s an ancient technique that involves swishing coconut oil around in your mouth for 20 minutes to draw out toxins and naturally whiten your teeth. The Cocofina comes in a unique dose format of 10ml, making it the perfect size for your daily oil pulling routine.

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