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4 Ways To Beat That Afternoon Energy Slump

If you find that you’re raring to go for the first few hours of the day, only to crash as soon as midday arrives, then check out our top tips to help keep your energy up throughout the afternoon. Psst… it involves a helping hand from the amazing Polaar IcyMagic Instant Eye Contour Energiser – inside every September Birchbox this month!

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Bright Eyes

Whether you’re struggling after a late night or you’ve been staring at your laptop screen since arriving in the office, take a minute to show your eyes some love. The Polaar IcyMagic Instant Eye Contour Energiser contains Siberian ginseng to tone and brighten sleepy under-eyes and the cooling gel formula instantly rejuvenates. Just roll it across your under-eye area for an instant pick-me-up!

Let’s Go Outside…

Breathe deep – the amount of oxygen you inhale affects production of serotonin in your body, which helps promote a sense of happiness and wellbeing. Plus, Vitamin D (which keeps your bones healthy) is produced in your body when your skin absorbs sunlight. So head outside for at least 10 minutes to soak up the good stuff.

Kick The Caffeine

Turns out, the best way to combat that 3 p.m. slump isn’t to reach for another cup of coffee. Caffeine actually stimulates your nervous system which can kickstart feelings of stress and anxiety – exactly what you don’t need for a calm afternoon. Instead, swap your coffee fix for a herbal or fruit tea (fennel or citrus are great options!) which will leave you feeling naturally energised be replenishing your hydration levels.

Reclaim Your Lunch Break

Make sure you take at least a 30 minute break from whatever you’re doing to recharge your batteries. Whether it’s heading to an exercise class, listening to a podcast, or calling a friend for a quick catch-up – do something that makes you happy! Plus, don’t forget fuel up. Even if you’re dining al desko, taking time to nourish your body with a veggie-packed salad or a chicken wrap will do wonders for your energy levels.

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