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4 Reasons to Be Ingredient Conscious With Your Beauty Products

So you want to be more mindful about the beauty products you use – but where to start? With so many different ways to define “natural,” it can be hard to know what’s what. That’s why, at Birchbox, we’re doing a number of things to make your (and our) shopping decisions easier. First up, we’ve created a Limited Edition Ingredient Conscious Kit containing 8 FULL-SIZE beauty treats. Plus, we’ve also come up with this handy guide to ingredients. Here’s what you need to know to get started…


The “Natural” Label Can Be Confusing
As it stands, there’s no unifying definition of “natural” beauty. At Birchbox, we created the Ingredient Conscious category to make finding healthy products easy by focusing on products that are organic, vegan, natural, or contain no chemical nasties (or sometimes all four!). Products that contain traditional cosmetic ingredients like parabens are linked to cause irritation and sensitivity. So, with this new approach, you can wave hello to happy hair and skin!

Ingredients Actually Matter
You might be wondering, why should I care about ingredients? Just like the things you put inside your body affect your overall health (think: crisps versus veggies), so do the things you put on it. Since your skin absorbs up to 60% of what you put on it, it’s worth taking a look at what actually makes up your favourite products. A great rule of thumb: check out the first few ingredients listed on your favourite products, and if you don’t know what they are (let alone how to pronounce them), it might be worth doing some research.

It’s Okay to Start Small
Whether you’re pregnant, suffering from sensitive skin, or just interested in becoming more conscious overall, you don’t need to immediately toss all of your favourite products in the trash. Instead, make like some of our staffers and start with one or two products that you use the most, maybe your shampoo and conditioner or cleanser. Once you find brands you like you can start replacing products as you go.

Oh, and Natural Products Are Anything But Boring
There’s a common misconception that natural beauty is bland or ineffective, but one look at the punchy lip and cheek tint or the mouthwatering body scrub in the Limited Edition Ingredient Conscious kit proves just the opposite. These products all pack a serious punch minus the irritating effects of preservatives like parabens and artificial colours.

Ready to discover the world of ingredient conscious beauty? Get your limited edition kit here. (It won’t hang around for long!)