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3 Good Reasons To Soak Up The Sun

While there’s no doubt that everyone loves it when the sun makes an appearance, good weather can often feel like the enemy when it comes to our skin. Of course, it’s important to take precautions when it comes to sunshine season – cover up, wear a good SPF, and stay inside when the sun is at its highest – but there are plenty of benefits for soaking up those rays as well…

It’s good for your mood

We’ve all heard of the winter blues, right? That’s because, undoubtedly, we have a vital need for sunlight. Not only does it help to regulate our internal clock (and therefore improve our sleep) but it’s an instant mood booster too. When sunshine season begins, head outdoors but remember to stay protected!

Liberally apply Polaar’s Velvety Sun Fluid SPF 30 to your face and body before you head outside. Remember to re-apply every two hours and after each swim if you’re lucky enough to be on your hols.

You’ll sleep like a baby

Yep, as mentioned earlier the sun can help us to sleep more soundly. Here comes the science! Thanks to receptors located in our eyes, light works to stimulate our production of melatonin – a hormone that helps to regulate our sleep cycles. Considered the leader of our biological clocks, melatonin doesn’t get to work until night (allowing your other hormones to make an appearance during the day) but by soaking up enough light during the day you’ll be giving it the boost it needs to help you snooze soundly all night.

It strengthens your bones

Ah, Vitamin D. This health-boosting, bone-strengthening magic ingredient is actually created naturally by our bodies when our skin absorbs sunshine. Forget the supplements, a lounge in the park on your lunch break for just 15 minutes is the fastest and easiest way to get your daily dose. What better excuse do you need to escape from your desk? Just don’t forget your sunscreen, of course! Apply Polaar’s Velvety Sun Fluid SPF 30 generously to your face to prevent burning.