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10 Foodies To Follow On Instagram – Yum!

Yes, everyone takes photos of food these days – but some are a cut above the rest! As part of our Good Enough To Eat month, we’re sharing those we follow, who know what they’re talking about, get creative and leave us drooling over our Instagram feeds! So get following:


@DominiqueAnsel: Despite what your mum told you, you can play with your food – and there are some great examples of this here. Who wouldn’t be impressed by these marshmallow chicks filled with salted caramel in real egg shells? Pretty food to be wowed by.


@ALifeWorthEating: Adam travels around the world, taking photos of the best food he eats and sharing it with the world via Instagram. Live vicariously through his shots of places as far flung as Paris, Tokyo, Stockholm, Mexico City and New York.


@Ashrod: This blogger shares photos of all the beautiful aspects of her life including the great outdoors and kids, but it’s the food photos that have really caught our attention. The colours, angles and framing have us rethinking our own.

@SpoonForkBacon: This food stylist and photographer has over 50,000 followers. The photos are simple, deliciously inspiring and focus on the important thing – the food!


@NYCFoodGals: These roommates share photos of their beautiful food. Not a week goes past without us wishing we were invited to NYC for a dinner party. From burgers to french toast and pizza to cocktails – you’ll end up feeling very hungry when you scroll through their feed!


@JamieOliver: The Naked Chef himself! His Instagram profile is a mix of family photos and shots of delicious creations he’s prepared with follow up recipes on his website. Loads of inspiration here.


@DonalSkehan: This Irish foodie treats his guests to many homemade treats – his photos show hearty, warming comfort food amongst photos of his super cool hound!

@TheLondonFoodie: Luiz Hara is an ex-investment banker turned Cordon Bleu trained chef who shares lot of indulgent-looking dishes alongside gorgeous travel snaps.


@TheFauxMartha: Melissa’s design background ensures that these photos look more like art than food. Always fun – these are witty and creative food shots.

@MowieK: One for those with a sweet tooth. All kinds of creations fill this feed, but it’s the sugary things which really delight. Yum!

Do you follow some foodies on Instagram? Share them with us in the comments below so we can follow them too!

– Laura Street

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  • Somers

    We just started following a recently launched artisan soup line called Rockin’ The Ladle.
    Based in ny I think, and the wittiest website I’ve seen in terms of concept. Their unique soups are named after famous songs but with a twist- like carrot on my wayward son and hotel Caulifornia- hysterical. We’ve tried them too and they are insane.

  • S

    Follow Slosauce !! A young foodie in Philly exploring and eating through life!